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Marioinex Waffle Blocks

Mini Waffle Adventure - Secret Cave

Mini Waffle Adventure - Secret Cave

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Take a trip to the forest in the midst of Rocky Mountains. Kayak around the secret cave in search of adventure like Larry, or discover new species of fauna and flora like the traveler Harry. Watch out for falling rocks! Set up a tent after a long day of exploring and relax by the bonfire. The Secret Cave set consists of 148 pieces, including 2 original figures. The pleasing texture of the material and flexibility of the pieces is excellent for aiding the development of children’s small motor skills, while constructing the set by following the enclosed instructions is fantastic for encouraging child’s logical thinking. The toy encourages children to use their imagination and creativity, not only in building new structures but also in creating unique stories and adventure scenarios.

Set specs: 148 Mini Waffle pieces 2 figures Step-by-step building instructions.

Made in Poland Mini Waffle blocks as well as packaging are made of recyclable materials. Easy to clean under running water!

Suitable for ages 5+

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