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Marioinex Waffle Blocks

Mini Waffle City - Race

Mini Waffle City - Race

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This time the town of Waffle City turns into a racetrack! But relax, everything is under control - Adam and Louis are organizing a show of the fastest cars in town for the residents of Waffle City. Which of them will cross the finish line first? Build two racing cars for fearless racing drivers Adam and Louis. In the show race for the residents of Waffle City, they will face each other for who is the master of the steering wheel! Set the finish line and plot the route of the race - either through your own imaginary track or by joining other Waffle City sets. The set also includes two figures of professional racing drivers who will sit at the controls of lighting fast cars.

Set specs: 80 Mini Waffle pieces, 2 figures, step-by-step building instructions.

Made in Poland Mini Waffle blocks as well as packaging are made of recyclable materials. Easy to clean under running water!

Suitable for ages 5+


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