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Marioinex Waffle Blocks

Mini Waffle Surprise

Mini Waffle Surprise

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Mini Waffle Surprise: Mystery Figure One pouch (1 piece) = 1 Mysterious figure + 1 Unique building (total: 1 figure + 10 blocks) The first series of our surprise bags consists of 50 unique figures from the Mini Waffle world. Each bag contains one mystery figure and blocks to assemble a mini-build for your character. Collect them and enhance other Mini Waffle sets by adding new figures! Collect Mini Waffle Surprise and expand other Mini Waffle sets with new, mysterious characters!

Set specs: 10 Mini Waffle pieces, 1 figure, step-by-step building instructions.

Made in Poland Mini Waffle blocks as well as packaging are made of recyclable materials. Easy to clean under running water!

Suitable for ages 5+

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